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6 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid While Driving

Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is very unfortunate and can leave you with serious personal injuries. No matter how good a driver you are, you may still involve in an accident which might not be your fault.

According to a report published by Department of Transport, in 2009 (UK) 2,222 people were killed in road traffic accident of which 1,059 people were car drivers and around 222,000 people were suffered personal injury in road accident in 2009. Based on this report we can say that RTA is very common.

Most of the accident happens due to the fault of the driver. Main reasons of RTA are

  1. Drink and Drive – It is one of the most common cause of accident. After consuming alcohol our reflexes becomes slow and we take time to react. Even the movement of our eye muscle becomes slow and we are unable to see clearly. Our eyes, hands and foot lack proper co-ordination and we are unable to judge the position of our vehicle, its distance from the other vehicle and road signals.
  2. Signal- Break – When a vehicle try to pass through red light he not only risk his life but also the life of other drivers.
  3. Weather conditions – Sometimes due to severe weather conditions like icy roads, fog or heavy rains makes driving dangerous, always try to avoid driving in bad weather conditions.
  4. Tiredness – This is one of the most common reasons for road traffic accidents. When you are tired you tend to fall asleep on the wheel and this lead to major accidents. If you are feeling tired always take a break.
  5. Use of Mobile – If you talk on your mobile while driving even if you are using a hands free your concentration breaks and that might lead to road accidents.
  6. Over Speeding – This is also a major reason for road traffic accident. Over speeding at junctions, roundabout and while overtaking not only put you at a far higher risk but also other drivers on the road.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident which is not your fault, then you are entitled to claim compensation from the insurance company of the driver who was at fault. There are lot of