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Car Audio Capacitor 101

A car audio capacitor makes a great accessory in your car audio system. It will ensure that your speakers are getting enough power at all times, especially during stress conditions where all the needed power puts a strain on your car’s battery. If your lights dim when you use your car audio system, this is because your amplifier will draw more power than your car’s electrical system can handle.

A capacitor will fix this problem because its sole duty is to keep a reserve of power. Your car’s voltage will never drop while your system is playing as long as you have a capacitor. An example of this is if your system hits a really low bass note, you will notice that your lights will dim because your amplifier is drawing more power that it normally does – your car’s battery cannot handle the increased stress.

You can install this capacitor yourself as they come with instructions, or if you are not comfortable installing it yourself, you can purchase a capacitor and have it installed locally. Some series of capacitors are made for easy installation and all you will have to do is cut the power and ground and then insert the distribution block.

There are a lot of online sites where you can get a good deal, so peruse a couple sites before choosing the capacitor that is right for your car. This capacitor is measured in farads (the capacitor’s storage potential) and prices can range anywhere from thirty or forty dollars up to around three hundred dollars.