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A Closer Look At Car Audio Crossovers

Car audio crossovers are a class of electronic filters designed for use in audio applications such as hi-fi. A dynamic loudspeaker driver that is commonly used is incapable of covering the entire audio spectrum all by itself.

Crossovers split the audio signal into separate frequency bands which can be handled by individual loudspeaker drivers optimized for those frequency bands. Let’s take a closer look at Kenwood’s KE-600 Crossover, KPX-F801 Crossover and Kenwood KPX-L101 Crossover.

Kenwood KE-600 Crossover

Kenwood KE-600, one of the most advanced signal processors, is a 6-Way electronic crossover with built-in parametric equalizer and a DC to DC power supply for high voltage outputs and low noise.

It has input selection, phase switching, variable level controls and the following outputs: subwoofer, low-pass, low-cut, high-cut and high-pass. It is a great component for multi-amp installations and is available for around $370.


● DC to DC converter.

● High-frequency output.

● Input selector.

● Different phase switches.

● Subwoofer output from 30Hz to 800Hz (low-pass).

● 6-way multi-amp configuration.

● Variable level controls.

Kenwood KPX-F801 Crossover
Kenwood KPX-F801 Crossover is a 3-way passive crossover network. It is available for around $75.


● Guard circuit that protects against excessive tweeter inputs.

● Special capacitors and inductors for audio purpose.

● Phase inverter switch for midrange and tweeter.

Kenwood KPX-L101 Crossover

Kenwood KPX-L101 Crossover is a low-pass passive crossover network. It is available for $50.


● Special capacitor and inductor for audio purpose.

● 80Hz crossover.

Remember, an audio crossover splits the incoming audio signal into separate bands that do not overlap at all, and which, when added together, gives the signal unchanged in both frequency and phase response.